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I’m Ashleigh, and The Geeky Giraffe is my happy place.

It’s a place where I can be myself, and do what I love – sewing!

Now, TGG may not have gotten started until late 2011, but I’ve been sewing and making things for quite a while before – since I was in middle school, actually!

It all started when I received my first (and current) sewing machine, which was handed down to me from an aunt. I’d always wanted one, and once I had it, I started having all kinds of ideas for what to make flying around in my head. It’s like the moment I acquired that machine, my creative juices just started flowing – and I started offering to make things for my friends left and right as well.

All the way through to my senior year of high school, I continued to make things for my rapidly-changing small circle of friends… until finally someone mentioned something to me about selling my creations to others, like my own little business. The idea really sparked my interest, and so it took root in my mind to really try to accomplish this. I was hoping to actually get it started before I graduated, to prove that I could still make something like this happen without the need of a fancy degree.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get it all together until the summer/fall right after I graduated in 2011, where The Geeky Giraffe debuted with it’s very first Facebook Icon Pillow. The past three¬†years have only shown growth and improvement in the sales department, and has shaped TGG into the beautiful boutique you’re familiar with today!

The Geeky Giraffe started out as just geeky fleece pillows, but I’m trying to slowly introduce new products into our stock.

All I’ve ever wanted out of TGG was to be able to make things that are based on the things I enjoy. I’ve achieved that, and I plan to keep it that way as long as I can!

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