I’ve been obsessed…

It’s March (almost April, actually), and I’ve been listening to nothing but B1A4 and Eddy Kim on repeat for the longest time, lol.

If you’re not aware, B1A4 is a Korean pop group and Eddy Kim is a Korean singer! Both of their music styles really help to soothe me when I’m feeling bad or sick or something, but also help me to work efficiently. It’s so hard for me to work in silence, honestly. I have to blast my favorite songs/groups and really get into the groove if I want to have a productive day, haha.

I know a lot of people just see the words “Korean pop” and roll their eyes (and probably immediately leave), but I promise you that it can be a very wonderful (and addictive) music genre! I personally think the group I mentioned before, B1A4, has a lot of great songs that I actually think many non-Kpop lovers might like! This song actually caught my mom’s attention a while back, and she’s still in love with it today. If you’d like a few more to get a better feel, some more of my favorites include this, this, this, and this. ♥ Please please please check them out, they’re all great songs!!!

As for Eddy Kim, I don’t actually think he’s really in the “kpop” category. He has a smoother sound and I absolutely love it. I’ve only just downloaded his most recent mini album, but I’ve already picked out a few that I’m deeming as favorites: Apologize (the video up top) and Sing Sing Sing! They’re both really great songs, oh my goodness. I’m addicted, lol.

Okay, so!!! If you check any of these songs out, please let me know what you think!!! I’d be glad to hear your opinion, and maybe even recommend more if you’d like~ (-:

This was my first post in a while (since December, I think , oops), but I’m trying to pick everything back up now that there’s less chaos happening, lol. I’m still busy, but in a much better way. (-:

Have a great day, everyone!

♥ Ashleigh